Huber Systems

Pharmaceutical closure elements require maximum cleanings

Huber systems offer a solution to this problem – they meet the highest standards in terms of cleaning level, intake capacity and production efficiency. Pharmaceutical closure elements are washed, rinsed and dried in one process step; depending on the relevant needs, parts may also be simultaneously siliconized and sterilized. Thanks to short process times, parts are quickly ready for further use. The innovative cleaning process ensures that particles, impurities and chemical contaminations as well as pyrogens are removed completely, even deep in the pores, while the parts are treated with great care and released for reuse in perfect condition. CIP self-cleaning of the machine, including containers (boxes or cassettes) to ensure there is no particle residue, occurs between batches and upon completion of the cleaning process. Detergents are dosed and added automatically. All process areas are made exclusively of low-carbon materials (1.4404 / 1.4435). To achieve the highest level of biological safety, the entire piping system and the interior areas have anti-pyrogenic surfaces. Huber and PTA cleaning systems meet all currently applicable standards such as GMP regulations, FDA requirements and WHO standards.


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